Roman Derby

43 AD

The Romans invaded Britain.

47 AD

Agricola, the Roman Governor, reached the edge of lowland Derbyshire with his armies.

c.50 AD

The Romans entered the area and built a fort to the west of the River Derwent, (Belper Road/Duffield Road area). This was one fort in a line of forts built to protect the boundaries of the newly conquered land.

c.80 AD

Across the other side of the river, Derventio (now Little Chester), was founded and the previous settlement was left abandoned. Over time, a civilian settlement grew around the newer fort which included two pottery kilns, timber buildings and a cemetery.

407 AD

The last Roman soldiers left Britain as part of the great withdrawal – an attempt to save Rome from the Barbarians. The Roman buildings in Derby were abandoned and fell into ruins.

Roman spout in shape of a duck’s head, found at Derby racecourse.

Roman-era green-glazed jug, made at Derby Racecourse kilns.