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The Silk Mill alongside the Derwent.

Derby Cathedral Tower.


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A rich and varied fabric of people and events…

…woven into our history.

A rich and varied fabric of peopleAs you walk the streets of Derby or visit its surrounding county you might be surprised to find out about its history…. from Bonnie Prince Charlie to Harry Stevens – the inventor of the hot dog – a great deal of historical figures had a strong connection to Derby and Derbyshire and the events that have happened here. Derby Uncovered will bring those events directly to you.
Alongside our newspaper, this site will take a look at the various events over the years that shaped Derby and its surroundings and the people who left an indelible mark on our history.
So dive in and enjoy the story of somewhere that has, at times, been at the very crossroads of history for not just the local area, but also the United Kingdom and the World..

Derby and Derbyshire today…

…a wonderful place to visit.

Derby and Derbyshire todayDerby Uncovered will also be providing you with a regularly updated section on where you can visit in both Derby and Derbyshire.
Whether its museums, stately halls and homes, beautiful countryside, or historical locations we will have you covered.
It really is a wonderful place to visit – and we will help you do just that.
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Packed full of fascinating insights into our area’s past, it is a must-read for anyone interested in Derby and Derbyshire
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